Slots which Award Free Spins Regularly

Bonus feature rounds and bonus games are what make playing video slots so very enjoyable. As soon as you have set any video slot offering for example a set of free spins playing, as soon as you see the bonus game awarding scatter symbols spinning in one by one you will be willing as many of those symbols do spin in as possible.

However, there is one thing that you do need to be aware of when playing these types of slot games online, and that is due to the number of scatter symbols on each reel, and the length of the reel strips, some slot games will tend to award their free spins bonus games much more regularly than other slots do.

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With that in mind we have taken a good look through the range of different Playtech deigned slot games and have compiled the following guide which is going to showcase to you the Playtech deigned slot machines on which you have a much greater chance of triggering their respective free spins rounds.

Whist the number of base game spins needed to be played off to trigger a free spins round will always vary, due to each of the following slots being completely random, you will find these slots do offer a much greater chance of you being awarded a free spin bonus round.

Best Playtech Free Spin Slot Games

Arctic Treasure Slot – As the Arctic Treasure slot game comes with a low variance type of playing structure that means the bonus game does tend to trigger quite often. That bonus game which is awarded for spinning in three or more scatter symbols awards a set of 10 free spins.

As the free spins play off not only can they be re-triggered but a x3 multiplier value is also in play, which does of cruse mean that all winning combinations you form will instantly be three times higher in value as listed on the pay table!

Captain’s Treasure Pro Slot – Another slot which you will enjoy playing is the Captain’s Treasure Pro slot. This game does come with 30 paylines, but as you can set the coin values to any ones you prefer and as only one coin per line needs putting into live play it will always be an affordable slot to play.

The bonus game which this slot can and will award you with is a set of 10 free spins, but as the multiplier value is x1 those bonus games do tend to be awarded very frequently to players!

Cowboys and Aliens Slot – Eight free spins will be what you can trigger via the bonus free spins feature round attached and on offer on the Cowboys and Aliens slot game from Playtech.

This slot only has a maximum of 9 payline that can be activated and that does of course mean that even if you are playing with only a very modest bankroll you can afford to play maximum lines spins, which will see you having a fair and reasonable chance of triggering the free spins round.

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